Dimitra Petouni, Agricultural Engineer-Economist

Dimitra Petouni is an Agricultural Engineer, was awarded a Certificate of postgraduate studies from Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a Master in Regional Development from Panteion University, Greece. Her over thirty years employment in a development bank has accumulated experience in planning and management of development projects. Her expertise lies on the evaluation and funding […]

Stefanos Papadakis, Graduate student in Materials Science

Stefanos Papadakis is a graduate of the Materials Science Department of the University of Patras. He has gained experience in operation and maintenance of automation applications and in the design, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and relevant facilities.

Georgios Kyriakarakos, Agricultural Engineer, Ph.D.

Dr. George Kyriakarakos is an Agricultural Engineer, holds an MSc in the field of “Energy Systems and Renewable Energy Sources” and a PhD in the field of “Renewable Energy Autonomous Polygeneration Smartgrids optimized with Soft Computing Techniques”. He has over 20 years of experience in over 60 national and international research, innovation and technical assistance […]

Christos-Spyridon Karavas, Electrical & Computer Engineer, Ph.D.

Dr. Christos–Spyridon Karavas holds a Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in the field of Automation Systems (Specialization in Control and Robotic Systems), and a PhD degree in the field of “Development of energy management systems based on computational intelligence for the design […]

Georgios Papadakis, Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, inventor and founder

George Papadakis is a Professor of Renewable Energy Technology and Director of the Laboratory of Farm Machine Systems at the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), http://www.afp.aua.gr/?page_id=1053&lang=en. For more than 25 years at the Agricultural University of Athens, Papadakis’s research and educational efforts have focused on sustainable agriculture, renewable energy technology, energy efficiency, water desalination combined […]